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We’re first to preach an SPF filled life, but we’re also realists that we need a little skin reset after everything we’ve layered on our skin throughout the week.

Now let’s be clear. We’re not talking a full-blown skin/care detox here or a complete overhaul on your beauty products because you’ve broken out in perioral dermatitis. We’re talking about that little bit of necessary nightly skin maintenance to keep our skin to feeling fresh and looking glowy.  

How do I know if I need a little skin reset?

Your skin could feel dry, dull, clogged, or have a few impurities. It could even be feeling a bit sensitive or a little overly sun kissed.

What’s the best time to do a little skin reset?

At night! We’re all about time efficiency balanced with self-care. So, night-time is best. Let the products work whilst you catch up on the ZZZ’s.  

How? Firstly, Keep it simple

  1.  Double Cleanse

We like to do a double cleanse with a gentle cream cleanser (we’re simple like that), but if you feel like a deeper cleanse, you can do your second cleanse with a foam, gel or exfoliating cleanser.

  1.  Swipe with an Exfoliating Fluid

With a cotton round, sweep your face, neck (but avoid your eyes) with a light AHA fluid. Allow to dry. This will help to lightly exfoliate your skin to leave it smooth and bright.

  1.  Moisturise

Massage on your moisturiser of choice. Optional: you can apply your oils, serums, essences etc. as well.

  1.  Sleep Mask

As your final step before your head hits the pillow, lather your face in a sleep mask.

  • If your skin is feeling a little clogged or impure – choose an AHA based Sleep Mask.

  • If your skin is dying for a drink - choose a hydrating/ antiaging Sleep Mask

Rinse off in the shower the next morning. Repeat nightly, a few times a week or whenever you remember.