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Using a TGA listed sunscreen vs one that isn't, is everything when it comes to sun protection, because a sunscreen with an AUSTL number issued by the TGA, means it has been clinically proven to it's advertised SPF to ensure it is safe & effective at protecting you from sun damage. 

All Airyday sunscreens are proudly

  • Have a TGA AUSTL number 
  • Made in Australia, where we are tough on sun!
  • SPF 50+, the highest rating recognised
  • 40 minutes water resistant 

Registering & selling sunscreens in Australia is notoriously difficult. The regulatory requirements are set at the highest level as it is one of the only places in the world where they are classified as a therapeutic goods (a listed low-risk medicine) to make sure they are safe, efficacious and high quality. This is definitely necessary, considering Australia has a depleted (thinner) ozone layer.

What is great about these stringent requirements, is that it should provide you with some confidence that you are choosing the best sunscreen option.

A few other considerations -

  • 1. Airyday sunscreens are classified as a  Primary  sunscreen.  This means it is a product where it's primary function is sun protection and its secondary purpose is something else i.e. hydrating, priming etc.
  • 2. Airyday Sunscreens are not secondary sunscreens.  These are products which primary purpose is something other than sun protection and have not undergone any clinical testing to prove the SPF rating. In this case, you are very reliant on the formulator/brand/organisation. For example, a Daily Moisturiser's primary function is simply to hydrate; or a Tinted Moisturizer to provide make-up coverage & hydration to the skin.
  • These products often have a sunscreen active included within the formulation and label may state i.e. SPF 30 or SPF 50 -  but what is important to remember is this sunscreen active is classified as a secondary, which means it is not required to undergo any testing to prove it's SPF credibility & it is advised that you should not rely on these products solely for sun protection. 
  • 3. How can you tell a TGA approved sunscreen vs one that is not: 
  • If it is TGA approved, it will have an "AUSTL XXXX " number on the packaging. If there isn't one, then it's not TGA approved, irrespective if there is an SPF factor stated on the label. 

Why it's important to wear sunscreen?

  • Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Officially, 2 in 3 people will get skin cancer by the time they are 70 - shocking, but true. 
  • Wearing sunscreen daily is a must and we promise, we're not saying that because we want you to use our brand (although we are quite partial to ours!)
  • Sunscreen is proven to be one of the best ways to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging ultra violet (UV) rays. With enough exposure (and note, the exposure is cumulative!) it can cause skin cancer.
  • Sunscreens come in different forms -that either absorb or reflect UV rays to help protect you. Either format prevents most UV rays from penetrating the skin if the SPF is high enough and this helps to prevent irreparable damage to skin cells.
  • The need to use sunscreen daily is evident and this is why sunscreens in Australia are regulated to the level they are to provide you with confidence, that they are safe and efficacious.
  • So please, even if you don't choose to deck out your SPF Wardrobe ™ with an Airyday Skinscreen  - simply chose any TGA approved sunscreen that you love to wear daily. 

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