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Wondering whether to apply sunscreen or moisturiser first as part of your daily routine? The answer is simply, it’s totally up to you! But let us guide you through it.

Daily sun protection is crucial to protect your skin, and there's a simple rule for applying SPF: it should be the last step of your skincare routine and the last step of your make-up routine.

Traditionally, moisturiser is the last step of your skincare routine -acting as a protective barrier for the skin and other skincare product layered on before. Layering on sunscreen as the final step ensures you have the best of both worlds, a targeted routine with ensures your skin is cared for on the inside, and protection on the outside so that sun doesn’t come into direct contact with your skin.

But what if I don’t want to use a moisturiser?

It’s important to remember that everyone’s skincare routine and skins are different.

We hear you! Routines and skin needs are unique which means you need to make a call on what it needs and when.

Our general guideline is; if your current moisturiser plays an important role in your routine (i.e., has active ingredients to target a concern) or provides an additional layer of hydration that your skin is needing because, we’d recommend using moisturiser and then layering sunscreen over the top.  

However, if your sunscreen already meets your hydration needs, you can finish off with sunscreen alone, after your serum.

Your most asked questions!

Q: Should I apply sunscreen before or after moisturising?

A: Apply after moisturising. 

Q: Can I use a moisturiser with sunscreen instead of a separate sunscreen? 

A: Yes, you can, but proceed with caution. Ensure you’re following the correct application steps and are using a product that is TGA listed.  The downside with using a product that contains sun protection is that we usually don’t apply enough because it just feels like too much on the skin. By using a sunscreen on its own, it ensures you can apply the correct amount for solid protection.  

Q: How much sunscreen should I apply if I'm also using a moisturiser?

A: Regardless of if you’re using moisturiser or not, our recommendation is to use 1/4 teaspoon for the face or 1/2 teaspoon for face, neck, and ears.

Q: Do I need to reapply sunscreen if I applied moisturiser underneath?

A: Yes, you should! Always re-apply every two hours