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SPF Wardrobe

This whipped & barely-there formula has quickly garnered a cult followiing. We're sharing the 5 reasons why people love it and why we think it needs to make it's debut within your SPF Wardrobe -

1. A light-as-air, velvet-matte finish
Created for all skin types, especially oily, combination & sensitive, this formula boasts the most delicious texture. It feels whipped and is light-as-air. It creates the most velvety-matte finish on the skin which is both smoothing, and most importantly mattifying.

2. A Physical Zinc formula & Fragrance Free
To cater to our sensitive or inflamed skin, we chose to create this formula as a physical / Zinc based sunscreen due to it’s calming properties and keep this formula frag-free.

3. SPF 50+ & Doubles as a Primer
Because putting sunscreen shouldn’t be a chore. This high performing SPF50+ sunscreen slots straight into your Airyday routine without any hassles and essentially makes your day more efficient by helping you to eliminate one of your application steps.

By acting as both a sunscreen & primer it one it protects your skin whilst leaving a super smooth make-up ready base, so your colour cosmetics glide on beautifully over the tope – and stay!

4. Supercharged with Skin Loving Goodness
In addition from protecting your skin from the damaging effects of the sun, we’re loaded this formula with skin-loving actives – Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins C,E & F and Blue Light Protection.

5. Suitable for Most Skin Tones & Textures
Creating physical sunscreens that are invisible and blend are incredibly difficult as their active is made from a white powder. The coloured tint you see in the cream is quite superficial and created purely to help create a beautiful blending experience. The finish on skin creates a light blurring which can help correct small imperfections like skin redness, blemishes and pores vs providing the traditional, heavy colour coverage of a skin tint.

6. TGA Listed & 40mins Water Resistent (AUSTL 375083)

When a sunscreen has that all important AUST L number, it equals peace of mind as you know it's been through rigorous testing to ensure its SPF rating and UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection. 

As an added bonus, this formula is also 40minutes water resistant. Whilst it's created so you can wear it 365 days a year, you have a little extra peace of mind that if you decide to do something spontaneous, you've got a little extra coverage.  

What are your waiting for... add MIneral Mousse SPF50+ Dreamscreen into your Airyday SPF Wardrobe rotation today.