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It started with a small spot on my temple. With time, it became sore, persistent, and extremely annoying.

How long had that spot been there? Weeks, or even a few months? Upon reflection, likely even longer. But that’s the thing; these subtle, often overlooked symptoms posing as common inconveniences are exactly that – overlooked.

The day I unintentionally scratched it off, it changed almost instantly. It became itchier, irritated, bled, and refused to heal, growing dark and much more noticeable. Within days, those close to me urged me to get it checked immediately.

After an urgent dermatologist's appointment, biopsy, and a week of anxious waiting; at 36, I was diagnosed with skin cancer.

Fortunately, it turned out to be a Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC). Detected early, can be treated and cured.

As someone who thrives on predictability, rational thinking and doesn’t tend to get emotional – I was left in shock. I was overwhelmed with anger, sadness and a million questions. Why me? I am still young, and I used sun protection, didn’t I?

But I had to be honest with myself; I rarely wore sunscreen as much as I thought and claimed I had. Wearing it only at the beach, pool or a day out ‘enjoying’ the sun, cliché sunny moments where we are encouraged to apply sun protection, I realised I hate sunscreen. I couldn’t stand the smell, the stickiness, thickness and felt it did more harm to my skin than good.

Awareness dawned. Protection was non-negotiable. So, nine stitches later, an all-clear from the Dermatologist and a desire to create something I wanted to wear daily, Airyday was born.”


Founder, first-time sunscreen lover