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SPF Wardrobe

Have you ever noticed your skin needs change - monthly, weekly or even daily? Possibly like us, you change your skincare regime to combat today’s skin issue.

But why don't we change our SPF too? 

POV: You’re feeling stressed, didn’t get a good night’s sleep or were too busy to drink enough fluids during the day. Your skin desperately needs little pick-me up and an extra boost of hydration. So in today's regime, you add a Hyaluronic Acid serum, and a skin quenching sleep mask to gain that hydration boost it. 

Or you’re close to that time of the month and without fail, you’re experiencing that glorious pre-period bloat. Your body thinks you’re in need of some extra comfort and kindly arranges a gathering of a few extra friends on your face. What do you do -  a detox mask, a spot treatment and smear on your fav skin-calming moisturiser.  

Maybe you're just enjoying that well-deserved getaway to a heavenly subtropical climate, where humidity rules and your skin rebels with an over production of oil & shine. You cleanse & tone try to bring your skin back to equilibrium and pick a lightweight, mattifying moisturiser to complete.

Or for whatever reason, today you & your skin are simply angry. Something has irritated it and it’s flaring. Your frustrated - so you simplify and only use skin care’s most zen options.

With all those efforts to get our skin back in check, we ask again - why aren't we changing our SPF to suit too and why has it taken us this long to realise this?!

How to get started curating your SPF wardrobe

  1. Start with the classics
    Determine your two  skin needs that you seem to be combatting the most and find an Airyday Skinscreen (SPF loaded with skin care goodness) to match them. Maybe for you, it's having one dewy and one matte.
  2. Bring in the occasionals
    Once you've kitted out your classics, then you can add by bringing in SPFs to combat your other occasional skin issues. 

Enter SPF Wardrobe Essentials: Airyday Dreamscreens SPF50+

We've got a sunscreen to fit every skin need, an option for every skin tone & type. What’s best - they’re all SPF 50+ UVA/UVB Broadspectrum sunscreens, esspecially created to be used as primers or on their own so you don’t need to settle for second best.

Award-winning  Clear as Day SPF50+ Dreamscreen

She’s a game-changing, weightless, invisible gel that instantly melts into the skin to deliver skin-drenching hydration and an envious glow. Loaded with Hyaluronic Acid, Blue Light Protection and Vitamin C, E and F, she’s perfect for all skin tones, leaving skin dewy and soft as satin. Ideal for normal, dry, and dehydrated skin types. Use alone or as a hydrating primer before makeup. Scented with hypo-allergenic fresh watermelon. Available in a 75ml & Eco

Golden Glow  SPF50+ Dreamscreen

Glisten for a sun-kissed glow with our high-performing and luxuriously blendable dreamy SPF cream for instantly luminous and touchable skin. Her blend of Vegan Collagen, Niacinamide, Blue Light Protection and Vitamin C, E and F delivers moisturising, brightening and anti-ageing goodness to leave skin glowing and soft as satin. Use alone or as a hydrating and smoothing primer before makeup. Luxuriously scented with champagne and peonies.

Pretty in Zinc SPF50+ Dreamscreen

Designed for sensitive skins in mind, delivering high-performance SPF and skincare goodness. She’s a nourishing yet breathable dream cream packed with Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Blue Light Protection for calm hydrated skin with a natural skin-like finish. Use alone or as a hydrating primer before makeup.

How to rotate your SPF Wardrobe: 

  1. If your skin is in need a hydration hit, then Clear as Day is your SPF BFF today.  
  2. For your ears, neck & decollette, our go-to is Clear as Day due it's practicality of being completely invisible & not staining your clothes. 
  3. On the days when you're not in the mood to put on a full face of make-up  is when we reach for Golden Glow to give our skin a little healthy dose of luminosity. 
  4. When your skin is having a moment of being irritated or blessed by a few extra friends, Pretty in Zinc is the perfect way to start a skin reset & get some zen.  
  5. 5. When you need a great primer for under make-up - select any Airyday Dreamscreen.