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Tube Key • For Melanoma Research

Sale price$8.14


Waste not, want not with your Airyday tube key, our uber cute device to ensure you squeeze out every drop of dreamy goodness from your Airyday aluminum tubes and avoid any tube split. 

For every tube key purchased, a donation will be made to the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation to support early detection and prevention in the fight against melanoma.

Product Details

This great little tube key is full of goodness. Not only will it help you to squeeze every last drop out of your precious tube – by purchasing it, we'll make a donation on your behalf to the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation  

Our mission is to help reduce skin cancer and educate on skin health. By partnering with Australian Melanoma Research Foundation, a not-for-profit charity that supports early detection, prevention and education programs in the fight against melanoma, Australia's national cancer, we're getting one step closer to achieving our goal. 

How to use

  • Slide your tube key to the end of your tube
  • Gently fold key over 
  • Push product down toward the opening
  • Continue folding as needed each time



Australian Melanoma Research Foundation

Australian Melanoma Research Foundation is committed to funding research aimed at furthering knowledge and offering better outcomes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of melanoma. AMRF awards research grants annually in line with their vision and focuses on supporting early career researchers in Australia.

Video Box Product

Squeeze every bit of goodness out with your Airyday Tube Key.

Being infinitely recyclable, aluminum tubes are great for the environment. They are delicate & malleable by nature, which means they need to be cared for differently to their plastic counter parts. To ensure you get every last drop of goodness out, add a Tube Key to cart here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Age Bracket: 40 - 50
Skin Type: Combination

Love this tool for effortlessly accessing my Airyday creams. It works perfectly, keeps the tube looking neat and feels very solid in the hand. I'll be buying another with my next order.

Elizabeth Z.
Age Bracket: 60+
Skin Type: Normal

I adore my Golden Glow .. but the tube punctured traveling ..don’t know why .. so it would be great to change that as I read it was reported earlier. Im not a fan of plastic tubes but this is a drama to use with nearly a full tube to go . Good luck

Age Bracket: 50 - 60
Skin Type: Combination
Beautiful products

I can’t fault anything that I’ve purchased. The consistency of the sunscreen Golden Glow is velvety smooth and smell divine. Both the Night Rain and Bright Nights Sleep Masks are fabulous, smell gorgeous and are a real treat to use as a night time routine. Lovely for a self care moment. I have a three night routine; I layer the Night Rain with my retinol, then next night I layer the Bright Night with the Night Rain then on night three I will do a hyaluronic acid sheet mask followed by a layer of Night Rain. My skin is hydrated and feels great 😊

Ella O.
Age Bracket: 20 - 30
Skin Type: Dry

This doesn’t feel like your usual sticky and thick sunscreen. It is so light weight with a beautiful tint making your skin glow throughout the day. My skin feels soft and hydrated when I have this on.

Holly H.
Age Bracket: 30 - 40
Skin Type: Combination
Excellent daily sunscreen

This sunscreen feels like a primer on the skin which is what I wanted. I didn’t find the scent overpowering - it’s very similar to Glow Recipe dew drops scent. It’s really smooth and subtle and doesn’t feel heavy. It feels a little greasy for the first 30 seconds then soaks in beautifully. I’d be keen to try the other types too. I bought the key and haven’t had any issues with the packaging.

Age Bracket: 60+
Skin Type: Normal
Key to good value

I love this tube key. It is so strong and sturdy and will ensure I get every last little bit out of the tube.

Age Bracket: 20 - 30
Skin Type: Normal, Acne
Great sunscreen

One of the best sunscreens I’ve tried! Has amazing lightweight texture and gives your skin a beautiful glow!

Heidi F.
Age Bracket: < 20
Skin Type: Normal, Oily
Pretty in Zinc and key purchase- Very happy with purchase and can’t wait to try the rest of the S...

Love this zinc SPF because it works well under my makeup, it’s high SPF protection that’s doesn’t give off the white look that zinc sunscreens can.
I also wear it on its own with alittle powder over the top on low makeup days. It keeps my skin matter than most traditional chemical sunscreen’s because my skin is slightly on the oilier side (otherwise. As a Dermal Clinician I’m always looking for user friendly sunscreen’s to protect and recommend to my clients. This one is a winner and can’t wait to try the rest of the SPF wardrobe range! :)

Kelly P.
Age Bracket: 60+
Skin Type: Dry
Everyone should have this key!

I bought 3 keys. W for my girls and one for myself.
So easy to slip on the end of a tube and it’s squeezes out every last drop of my gorgeous pretty in zinc sunscreen!
I also loved that buying them supported Melanoma Research as my darling Mum passed away from this cancer 💚

Nola P.
Age Bracket: 60+
Skin Type: Normal
It is lighter than most moisturisers

I love Airyday mostly because it goes on effortlessly - easier than most moisturisers. Unlike some sunscreens it is absorbed into the skin and so does not create that barrier on which perspiration sometimes gathers and causes a wet and sticky feeling. I love the natural feel of it and the knowledge that it is SPF50.