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Life has recently had us spending more time indoors & relying more on our devices than ever before, but just because we don’t have sunshine directly overhead, it doesn’t mean that we should forget about putting on sunscreen daily.  



UVA rays can also pass right through window glass. Knowing how much UV is reaching us is quite difficult to measure as there would be so many variables that would affect this.

Our devices (phones, tablets etc.) omit a Blue Light. Research shows that too much exposure can contribute to speeding up the skin’s ageing process or increasing pigmentation. To put into perspective of daily life - have a think about how much you’ve used your devices this week… or better yet check your device’s weekly screen time summary. Tell me you’re not shocked……we were. 


Our advice

Include an Airyday sunscreen (SPF + skin care goodness) into your daily regime. It’s your best investment to combating skin ageing by protecting your skin no matter where you are. 

Which Airyday Skinscreen should I choose?

Check out Airyday's range of Dreamscreens , they’ve been supercharged with skin goodness like Hyaluronic Acid, Vegan Collagens, Antioxidants and Blue light Protection. The best part is they’ve also be designed to be used alone or as a primer before make-up.