That moment of frustration & dispare, when your beloved aluminium tube filled with skin care goodness springs a dreaded leak(or few) and like a credit card on Cyber Friday, the damage can't be undone. 

We've all be there... but it can, be avoided!

The beautifully soft and malleable nature of aluminium tubes, means they must be cared for differently to their plastic counterparts. To help, think of it like changing from plastic Tupperware to glass. 

Other than looking good, glass is a wonderfully sustainable, healthy alternative with many upsides. But it too is delicate and requires different care habits vs its plastic alternative. You can no longer just throw it back into its drawer & loose its lid. You’ve got to stack and place it gently. And if you accidently drop it, it will break.

4 tips on how to keep your tubes in their best shape:

1. Squeeze from the end people!

Other than the fact that people who squeeze from the middle of the tube should be banished to the end of the earth (it even angers me to write it!) .....squeezing from the end or at least attempting to keep an even distribution will help maximise what you get out of the tube whilst ensuring you don’t get a blow out!


Airyday squeezed aluminium cosmetic tubes

Pictured above: His & Her tubes... 
Left: Hell no.  Right: Yes! Yes! Yes!


2. Use a tube key

If you’ve got one handy, they're an easy option to keep your tube intact & maximise getting that dreamy goodness from inside all out. Once you become a tube key pro (oh yes, they exist), you’ll also be able to use one tube key for the multiple tubes you are currently using


3. Store in a small cosmetic bag

Unlike a plastic tube, you can’t just toss an alu tube into your handbag or beach tote, because despite its hard exterior, your tube is delicate and with all the crap, sorry 'belongings', already in your bag, it’s going to be subject to more beatings than an omlette bar – all resulting in the dreaded tube splits.

So protect your tube by storing (& transporting) it within a smaller, soft cosmetic bags, like our Mini or Maxi Neoprene Pouches.


4. Use containers to store your tubes upright

Other than the fact that perfectly arranged cosmetic shelves make our OCD hearts sing, storing your tubes standing upright (vs thrown in a drawer) will not only save space, but it will help to minimise unnecessary wear & tear all whilst looking pretty darn schmick on your shelves.

Airyday tubes organised in containers

Whilst it does take a little more effort to change your care & use habits, keeping your aluminium tubes in tip-top shape is possible and well worth the return, because not only are they a great sustainable option that protect the product inside, they look beautiful too.

Airyday girl holding aluminium SPF skincare tubes

PSA: Don't forget to SPF All Day, Airyday.

Always read the label & directions for use. Avoid prolonged sun exposure, wear protective clothing, hats and eye wear when exposed to the sun.

For best protection, we recommend to always use a TGA listed sunscreen.