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Say hello to our uber-cute and delicately delicious Eco-Minis. Samplers & minis are definitely a necessity in any beauty range, so our goal was to find a way to minimize environmental impact by reducing single-use waste, but at the same time maximize your experience.


Instead of offering a sachet sampler and also a travel sized mini, we decided to create an all-in-one solution. With nearly 3 applications per tube, you'll be able to experience the product in full, whilst also being able to take her along with you for travel or simply just in case.

How to open your eco-mini: 

Simply snap off the nozzle
To reseal, spin the nozzle around to reseal - Voila, it’s that easy!
  • She’s quite full: So, before you open, tap the folded side of the tube a few quick times on a bench to move the gel down. 
  • For a tight seal: give it a push on a hard surface before you throw her back into your travel bag. 

Snap & reseal

Why Aluminium?

  • We’re proudly using the world’s first 100% recycled, closed loop aluminium tube which is made up 95% post-consumer waste and 5% industrial waste, to be exact.
  • Our tubes are also made with 70% less CO2 emissions vs other aluminium tubes.
  • Apart from the fact that aluminium is a great little house for our products to help retain quality and integrity, we also love that aluminium is infinitely recyclable so we can help to make it easy as possible for people to reuse, recycle or relove.


After she’s empty?

Simply pop her in the recycling to send her on her way to complete her next loop journey. ♻